Building with success!


Our client base includes all National and Provincial Government Departments, Regional and Local Municipalities, Private Sector Institutions and Private Investors and Developers.

The Group offers a comprehensive range of services related to the appropriate Professional Disciplines conforming to the high ethical standards associated with the various Professions. The main focus of activities in the Group is the ultimate satisfaction of our Client’s needs through pro-active, creative and innovative services.  Hence our record of repeat business and long term relations with our Clients. Pasqa Africa has an integrated national and international base of expertise coupled with a wide national and international geographical spread of offices and infrastructure. This enables us to offer personalised, quick, yet effective solutions that are creative, flexible and tailor-made to meet specific needs.

The Group’s services include the following :

Professional Disciplines

•    Project Management
•    Building Construction Management
•    Quantity Surveying
•    Civil Consulting Engineering Services
•    Engineering Construction Contract Management
•    Town and Regional Planning
•    Architecture (Sub Contracted)

Professional Services

•    Municipal Support Services
•    Development Consulting
•    Environmental Development Support
•    Property Valuations
•    Rural and social development services

Resettlement Management

•    Resettlement Management
•    Status quo assessments
•    Community participation
•    Replacement valuation
•    Mitigation negotiations
•    Replacement Implementation
•    Relocation Impact assessment
•    Close out Assessments




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