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Likusasa Developments

The firm Likusasa Development CC is a 100% black owned multi disciplinary development firm providing expertise in the commercial development arena.  The firm has offices in Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

The Firm has got highly qualified and experienced personnel capable of handling any type and size of Project within the above mentioned areas.

The objectives for the establishment of this consulting firm are:-

1. To render more specialised and yet integrated professional services towards Developments and Clients.

2. The expansion of our involvement and positive support to all South African Communities and continent at large, also currently working in Tanzania, Swaziland,     Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana.

3. The quest for improvement of quality of life for all people through research and implementation of innovative planning solutions.

4. Enhancing our corporate identity and that of our Clients by providing Professional Services and Quality Products.

5. Continual improvement, development of skills and enhancing the working environment of our personnel and local communities.

6. Maintaining our Professional integrity, impartiality and independence in dealing with our Clients, the Public and fellow Professionals.

7. Commitment to provide our Clients with consistent and innovative solutions using modern and scientific Project

8. Management and Development techniques.

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